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Event Report: 2014 British National Meet

Since its inception in 2012, the British National Meet held in Hot Springs, Arkansas has evolved in fits and starts in an attempt to be a true nationwide gathering for British car owners.  The first iteration succeeded in drawing cars from across the country – many of which represented the finest examples of their respective marques – but the organization of the show left much to be desired. The next year saw a change in venue to the world’s largest retirement community – Hot Springs Village – that was fraught with even more disorganization than the previous effort.Jaguar E-Type

We would like to say that the third time was the charm but while the event was much improved, it still left a lot to be desired. The Crown Jewels display of great British cars was a great success, however, with cars coming from more than 33 states and the examples selected were truly great cars to put forth as the finest of the fine. Celebrities were in attendance as legendary racer and writer Denise McCluggage presented the dinner speech and television personality Dennis Gage was on hand to emcee the event. Once again though bad weather – torrential rains – put a damper on things from a top down driving perspective.

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Hopefully, organizers will get another bite at the apple to put the event on again in 2015 but for it to succeed it will have to improve significantly for folks to continue to make the long trek to the hinterlands of Arkansas for a car show.

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