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1967 Aston Martin DB6

Bonnet-To-Boot: 1967 Aston Martin DB6

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Asking Price: $365,000 USD

Seller: Bramhall Classic Auto

Original Selling Price: £4,998

Engine: 3995cc Straight-6 DOHC

Mileage: Unknown

Max Power: 282hp

PROS: Car comes with comprehensive mechanical history.

CONS: Aside from mechanical, there isn’t much here about the general history of this vehicle. At $365,000 we certainly need to know more about the car. It would be nice to see more detailed photos as well.

Founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford, Aston Martin is one of the oldest British auto manufacturers. Aston Martin has always been known for building luxury sports cars, but until 1947 the company was fairly unknown. In 1947, the company was purchased by tractor manufacturer David Brown, and in 1950, we saw the birth of the famous DB series. The DB series cars quickly racked up scores of race wins, establishing quite a pedigree, but what really brought Aston Martin to the public’s eye was the appearance of an Aston Martin DB5 in the 1964 Bond movie Goldfinger.

The car featured here is a 1967 Aston Martin DB6, and is said by the selling dealer to have an unmolested body beautifully preserved for many years in dry California. The bodies on the DB6 are made of aluminum, so they don’t rust like a steel bodied car, but they do corrode. It is very important to inspect the body on one of these cars for any corrosion or accident damage. Being that the body is made of aluminum, these types of imperfections will be very difficult and expensive to repair.

1967 Aston Martin DB6

The description does mention that this car has lived in California for many years, which is great as California is known for its dry climate. However, the seller makes no mention of where the car was originally sold. We also noticed that this is a right-hand-drive car, making it likely the vehicle was sold new and lived in the UK for many years. With the UK’s wet, damp climate it would make a lot of sense to learn the full history and have the car professionally inspected.

With a price tag of $365,000 this is certainly not a cheap car, but in the world of Aston Martin DB6s, this price is not out of hand. When looking at buying a very high end automobile such as this it is very critical to know exactly what you are looking at, because the smallest detail can drastically affect the value. On this particular car we know the transmission is not the correct matching transmission for the car, but being that it has been updated with a better, later model transmission, we’re sure the car drives much nicer and likely does not affect the value.

1967 Aston Martin DB6

Being that we’re now talking about matching components, it’s absolutely critical to make sure the engine is the correct matching numbers motor for the car. What this means is the engine is the actual engine this car left the factory with. The difference between matching- and non-matching numbers on such a high-end car can drastically affect the value.

The seller also mentions they have long-term mechanical history, which is a must-have with a car like this. You’ll want to do a full mechanical inspection and pay close attention to the history of what has been done, and when. You’ll also want to do a compression test which will help confirm the engine is in good mechanical condition. To further stress the importance of this step, keep in mind that a full engine rebuild on a DB6 would cost you in excess of $20,000, so it almost goes without saying how critical a thorough inspection is to the buying process.

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