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1962 Ford Cortina Mk1

Bonnet-To-Boot: 1962 Ford Cortina Mk1

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Asking Price: $25,000 USD

Seller: Motoring Investments

Original Selling Price: £639

Engine: 1198cc 4-cylinder OHV

Mileage: 32,981

Max Power: 46hp

PROS: Incredibly original and hard to come by.

CONS: Priced very high for a standard car, but where are you going to find another?

The Ford Cortina was one of Britain’s most popular cars in the sixties and seventies, and although they were mass produced in two-door, four-door, and four-door “estate” versions, very few good examples exist today. Ford manufactured a performance version known as the GT which had a more powerful engine and lowered front suspension, among other modifications. Lotus even took a handful of these cars and updated them with their 4-cylinder twin-cam engine along with other modifications and marketed them as the Mk1 and Mk2. These Lotus Cortinas are very rare and sought after in today’s market. Although not as preferable as a Lotus Cortina, a good MK1 or Mk2 Ford Cortina is still very desirable.

1962 Ford Cortina Mk1

This particular Ford Cortina Mk1 is a standard 1962 Mk1 model. As stated by the owner, it’s not a Lotus nor is it a GT, which surprisingly does make it quite rare today. Most standard models were not well-cared-for and basically driven into the ground and left to rust away or be parted out as they just weren’t worth repairing. When looking at a Cortina, it’s crucial to always check them for rust and accident damage. Cortinas like to rust in the boot floor as well as the quarter panels and interior floor boards. Many have been wrecked and suffer from bent frame rails so it’s always a must to get the car in the air and inspect the underside for rust and frame damage.

1962 Ford Cortina Mk1

This car appears and sounds by the owner’s description to be very well-cared-for. It’s presented as a two-family-owned car and believed to have only 32,981 miles from new. In most cases we’d certainly take this information with a grain of salt, but given the originality of the car and the fact that it’s so complete certainly leads us to believe that these claims could very well be true. When restoring one of these cars, most folks will update them to Lotus or GT spec, so parts for these standard models are very hard to come by as not many people are making reproduction parts.

1962 Ford Cortina Mk1

If you’re in the market for an Mk1 Ford Cortina Standard, this might just be the perfect car for you. The asking price is certainly on the high side, but the chances of finding another car like this are pretty unlikely. One thing is for certain: you couldn’t restore a Ford Cortina for the amount of this asking price.

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