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1934 Morgan 3 Wheeler

Bonnet-To-Boot: 1934 Morgan 3-Wheeler

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Asking Price: $85,000 USD

Seller: Morgan West

Original Selling Price: £135

Engine: 990cc Matchless MX4 V-Twin

Mileage: Unknown

Max Power: 42hp

PROS: This is one of about 2,000 vintage Morgan 3 Wheelers that exist. It has an impressive, known history and was once owned by the great Al Moss.

CONS: You’ll need to be very mechanically inclined to drive and maintain this vehicle. Also, be ready to get dirty.

This time around, we’ve chosen to review a unique little Morgan 3-Wheeler with quite a history. Many of you are well aware of Morgan Motor Company and Moss Motors—the largest supplier for British car parts in the world. Well, this 1934 Morgan MX4 Super Sport Beetleback was once owned by Al Moss, the founder of Moss Motors. This was Al’s personal car for many years that he raced, showed, and tinkered with for fun. Unfortunately, we lost Al Moss on September 25, 2012, so his car is now on the market for sale.

1934 Morgan 3 Wheeler
These early Morgan 3 Wheelers as they are known are very cool little cars, of which only about 2,000 survive today. Just last year, Morgan Motor Company released an all-new 3 Wheeler which has been a huge hit worldwide and really took the company back to their roots with a car very similar to what they started with way back in 1910. All Morgans are still built by hand in the original factory in Malvern Link, England, just like they were over a hundred years ago. Morgan is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world today, and the fact that they still build these cars completely by hand is truly something special.

This particular vintage Morgan 3 Wheeler MX4 Super Sports Beetleback is one of the later models and is fitted with a Matchless MX 4 twin-cylinder engine. One thing to remember when looking to purchase a vintage 3 Wheeler is that they have a total-loss oil system. This means that as you’re driving the car, it’s literally pumping out oil to lubricate the valves, some of which ends up all over you, the car, and anything else that gets in its way. You will eventually run out of oil if you’re not constantly checking it. These cars are a lot of fun to drive, but do remember what you are getting yourself into. This is old-school motoring.

1934 Morgan 3 Wheeler

When 3 Wheelers are built, a wooden frame is constructed and all body panels handmade to fit the structure. As you can imagine, the frame becomes a major part of the car, and unfortunately can rot away over time. It’s always critical to check this structure for strength and wood rot, as it can be very expensive to fix, and in some cases a new tub will need to be made or purchased from Morgan Motor Company. Fortunately, the craftsman at Morgan can make just about anything you need.

These are very primitive sports cars that are an absolute blast to drive, but as I am sure you can tell from reading this, are not for the faint at heart. Take your time and do your research about them before purchasing one, and perhaps take a modern 3 Wheeler out for a spin. Although they look very similar, they are different animals altogether.

1934 Morgan 3 Wheeler

Happy motoring and hope to see you on the road! Remember to visit us at British Car Classifieds – the global online marketplace dedicated exclusively to buying and selling British automobiles.

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