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Suixtil Silverstone Jacket

Threads for the Serious Driver from Suixtil

Suixtil Silverstone JacketClassic cars are the the closest thing ever invented to the proverbial time machine. Getting behind the broad banjo wheel into a fitted bucket seat is to travel back in time to an era when Fangio and Moss raced across the world in their Maseratis and Mercedes. To complete the picture, however, requires the perfect sartorial complement and Suixtil can indulge your fantasy to not only drive like Sir Moss, but to look like him too.

Suixtil grew into a well-known brand in Argentina in the 1940s and ’50s, based on its high quality gentlemen’s suits and its involvement in international car racing. In 1948 the Argentinean Automovil Club (ACA) created the national team of race drivers , called the “Armada” (team), to contest the F2 and F1 Championships in Europe. Juan Manuel Fangio, a 35 year old truck driver from Balcarce, was the star racer in the Escuderia Suixtil driver line-up. His Argentinean teammates were Benedicto Campos (1949), Jose Froilan Gonzalez (1950), and Onofre Marimon (1951).

The Escuderia Suixtil had access to world class equipment: initially two Maseratis 4CLT/48, and later two Ferraris Tipo 166 F2. In between Fangio also secured a seat with Simca-Gordini, the team that lined-up the complete Escuderia Suixtil at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1950-51. They were all clothed in similar attire that grew to epitomize the golden era of sports car racing. Today, Suixtil still offers a full range of classic clothing precisely made in the traditional manner. Whether you happen to me cruising on the Colorado Grand or just taking the XK120 out for the weekend, Suixtil has attire for the occasion.Suixtil Clothing for Drivers

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